UFOs over Iran? An East Haven man offers proof


(East Haven-WTNH, Apr. 30, 2004 7:20 PM) _ It's not often we report on UFOs, but lately there have been a number of sightings in Iran. And a Connecticut man has the pictures that he says prove something is out there.

"I really have no choice but to believe," says Abi Golbazi of East Haven. "I've never seen anything like this."

Golbazi is talking about something he believes he saw in the Iranian sky : a UFO.

"First is was just a shiny light, changing colors ... It seemed perfectly round, circular shaped, spaceship if you will.

"Window-looking spots all over it... It has an opening in the lower bottom of the circle."

While visiting family the East Haven engineer recorded over 20 minutes of footage of the object, and wondered if this phenomenon would become a regular visitor to the Middle East.

"Is this something that's going to happen every night, maybe something new in terms of UFO activities," Golbazi said.
"But it didn't come back?"

Golbazi wasn't alone. Since his encounter almost two weeks ago Iran has been abuzz with extraterrestrial sightings making headlines all around the world

But if it isn't a UFO, then what is it? The astronomical society of Iran speculates on it being a satellite, a spy plane, even the planet Venus. But Golbazi discredits all of that. He, who by the way never believed in UFO's, now believes that it was a visitor from outer space.

"I never did. Maybe this is going to change my mind."

Now back in Connecticut, he's sharing his story with friends and co-workers, some of whom are a bit skeptical.

"They're trying to believe. Even the ones who don't believe, they're trying to believe. I promise them that yes, you'll see the tape."

And maybe they'll become believers, just like Golbazi.

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