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 Earthquake News

Experts Predict Activity Along San Andreas Fault
Taiwan Shudders from Earthquake
Earthquake risk prompts health board to plan change


New Earthquake Predictions for So-Cal Desert- what if the big one were to hit before September?


Whakatane earthquake study will help urban design (Auckland NZ)


Thousands homeless after strong earthquake in China


Cult News


Nuwaubian Cult Leader, Dwight York  Supporters Resign City Jobs


Woman Convicted Of Grave-Robbing For Cult Rituals NJ, USA


HBO Documentary Focuses on Cult Kids
The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors Update Prison Door Slams on Dwight York Eatonton, GA


Cult members disturb local religious leaders, CT USA


Cult students terrorize Nigeria's universities



Odd News and Unusual Weather News 

 (Got Unusual Weather? Report it here!)

Aliens' Top Holiday Spots... in Beer Firm Survey


Unusual Weather Impacts Nation's Struggling Economy (old but worthy article)


Warming to Cause Catastrophic Rise in Sea Level?


Satellites in low-Earth orbit over Southern Africa are already showing signs of radiation damage (Australia )


UFO  & Alien Abduction  News

Aliens' Top Holiday Spots... in Beer Firm Survey


UFO's Over Iran


Mexico Air Force UFO Creates Stir






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