Mayan Prophecy - Earth linear time continues to close on the Mayan prophecy, which tells of a great transformation on planet Earth in December 2012. The Popol Vuh - a manuscript found in the 18th Century, written by an unknown author of what he could remember of ancient events passed down orally - which included knowledge of havoc on Earth every 5000 years or thereabouts.


 Cardinal directions were most important - having distinct characteristics relevant to life. Myans built their cities with the placement of houses, temples etc. accordingly.

The East is red - as the rising Sun bringing life into the world. It also represents heat, fire, and introduction of something new though you may have to give up something else to receive the new.

The West is black - as the Sun sets and equates to death or transformation. It includes the influence of ancestors and parents.

The North is white - a place of wisdom and goodness or purification. What comes into life should reflect the highest ideals and purpose of that life.

The South is Yellow - refers to the practical routine of daily life. Light and day, Mundane activities.


Starting with the first Sun cycle - Matlactli Atl. 20,239 BC - 16,231 BC a duration of 4008 years. The story is that those who lived ate cold maize (the Aztec say during this Sun lived the giants created by the gods). This cycle ended by flood and deluge.


The second Sun cycle - Ehecoatl - was from 16,231 BC to 12,221 BC (4010 years). This is early Stone Age and the ice age. Those who lived ate wild fruit. Wind and hurricane destroyed the Earth.


The Third Sun cycle - Tleyquiyahuillo or celestial fire lasted 4081 years. (12,221 BC - 8140 BC). This is still Stone Age man. Fire from the sky (meteorites) and lava (volcanoes) destroyed the Earth.


The fourth Sun cycle - Tzontlilic lasted 5026 years. (8140 BC - 3114 BC). The ice age ended about 12,000 years ago or 10,000 BC. As temperatures warmed, hunters became farmers and a massive change occurred in the way people lived. As people grouped together, villages and towns were built - dating from about 8000 BC. Ancient Egypt was established some 7000 years ago and Sumerians invented writing about 3500 BC. This Sun was destroyed by torrential rain and flood. In fact the Maya have a story that sounds a lot like Noah. The god, Tezcatilpoca, brought a flood to destroy mankind. He warned one man called Tezpi, who built a ship and loaded up his wife and kids, all types of animals, birds and supplies of grain and seed. As the flood retreated Tezpiís ship came to rest on a mountaintop. He and his family proceeded to replant and repopulate the Earth.


The fifth Sun cycle - 3114 BC - 2012 AD. This one is known as the Sun of movement. There will be a movement of the earth and from this we will perish. The prophecy relates to an act of nature, which brings disastrous and serious change to earth. From the past is the message that not all die at the end of each Sun. Survivors live on to build a new civilization. So the end of the world for some - for others a new beginning. The Mayan understood the duality of life - the yin and yang factor. Huracan was their god of violent and sudden change - whom perhaps we could equate to Uranus. His teachings were of the duality of disaster. For some there was destruction, for others the door to a better future. There is no purpose to destruction unless there is a plan for renewal - always a sensible consideration.