Kent M. Steadman (1942 - 2008)

The Bardster, Kento  or Philkent  how ever one knows the name of this man of greatness, everyone knew he was such a good person! Bub, know we will miss your earthly ramblings, Ye be half madman, half genius, and a good egg. I think of the ride you must be on! As well the experience you must be having my friend! On NSPN (Night Search Paranormal Network) many a time I always wanted to give you a voice to express your findings. Kent Steadman was one of the most intelligent people I ever met and Sincerely to  the heavens I will miss many a late night Conversation with him.

You have always been my hero ya old troll, and tears are still welling up, what fun it was to find the sun anomalies way before anyone knew what SOHO or JPL was! Yes a good man even great as many would agree. Orbit was and still will be kicking thanks to Kent's best bud. There will never be another Bardster, but to help his family, please contribute, if you cannot please make the best of things by linking his site . I have created a banner you can  use if you'd like, just link it to the above URL.


For my friend the Bardster...who liked my work, even though it's so different ( and not nearly as good as his) I will miss ye, ya old wise owl. You'd always let us know when something was amiss in the Universe! I do hope you get to fish Lake Leah and Steadman!!!

My tribute to Kento


From the Steadman Family below


In memory from The Steadman family below.

Kent Moedl Steadman  was born January 17, 1942, during a snow storm at his great-Aunt Mary’s in Sandy, UT. In much the same way as he entered, Kent left this world at the age of 66, when his heart gave out while playing in the snow with his grandson at his home in Burien, WA.

Kent received his Master's of Arts from Brigham Young University in Utah.

He was a highly respected art teacher at Fresno City College for 23 years. After retirement, Kent continued to serve as a mentor and teach others about the art of love, intelligence, creativity, and compassion. Born with a disability that he overcame through art and music, Kent understood the joy of being different. A troubadour and vagabond, many will remember his music, which he believed to be the true expression of the soul. Kent was a pioneer on the internet with his site,, where he shared his philosophy with many people. His playful sense of humor always charmed and uplifted his friends and loved ones.

He was preceded in death by his father, F. Moedl Steadman; mother, Leah Steadman; brother, F. Bruce Steadman. He is survived by his wife, Wendy Steadman; brothers, Stan, Dave, Randy, and Lee Steadman; children, Shannon, Amber, Leah and Brian; grandson, Quentin Camp. We will be honoring his life with music, art, friends, and family.

To all in the orbit community,

We would like to extend our thanks to you for the years your support has brought love and joy into Kent's life. He devoted his life to finding the unique and extraordinary and on this journey you were his friends, and in many ways a second family. To those of you who've sent your condolences and shared your words of encouragement with us. Your thoughts have brought much needed solace to our hearts.

The Steadman Family




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