[An Examination and commentary on aspects of THE UNIVERSAL SEDUCTION, Volume
III, by Angelico Tapestra.]

by byron lebeau İ2004

It would be virtually impossible for me to dramatize why you should read every
crumb of the 38 essayists who incorporate this tapestry of angels ~ since
each author is piercing a certain truth from his/her own perspective. Even
though I may not necessarily fully agree with each and every one - IN TOTO! ~
nevertheless, I do feel that if you weigh & integrate the totality of what is
being presented in this volume, a possible new understanding of the fullness
of our reality may emerge from its pages.

I will merely highlight those authors whom I feel are the key writers in each
section ~ to do hopefully nothing less than perk your curiosity so as to delve
~ IN TOTO ~ into the whole of this 598 page collection.

A goodly portion of the heart of this book concerns an examination of the
evils of the so-called New World Order ~ so I will highlight the problem
through those who may know best ~ ITS VICTIMS! In another section of the
volume, that deals with the ALIEN ABDUCTION phenomenon, I will also attempt to
highlight similar victims, so you can see, firsthand, the piercing of this
negative reality.

Some of these victims have even turned researchers in their passionate desire
to unmask the evils perpetrated upon them; Colleen Johnston would be a case in it is important to read their experiences. Other researchers such
as Eve Lorgen & ''Montalk'' seem to have a handle on how to recognize and resist
these evils ~ via spiritual warfare, so their essays will be PARTICULARLY
reviewed. Suffice it to say, each essay in this volume is important in its
own way, making the tapestry of the whole a little more discernable in this
web of intrigue, and if I do not mention it by name, or allude to it fully, it
does not make it (or its author) any less important to the overall success of
this venture.


The first victim examined is Carol Rutz. She was an only child when she fell
under the shadow of MKULTRA and two of its henchmen, Allen Dulles (former
Director of the CIA) and Sidney Gotlieb (a medical doctor for this same CIA.)
Its mind control fruit led Sen. Frank Church to say the following:

"The United States must not adopt the tactics of the enemy. Means are as
important as ends...each time the means we use are wrong, our inner strength,
the strength which makes us free, is lessened." (p.114)

Carol herself observes: Let us remember this [these means to ends] when we
start giving up our freedoms under the guise that it is necessary for this
brave country of ours to survive. Apparently, those who are considered
'IMPORTANT' & 'ESSENTIAL' already have a place in which to escape. Will we?

A second victim was a woman named Svali, an EX-ILLUMANATIST & survivor of
both ritual abuse and governmental mind control, and her essay revealed the
following pieces about what we may be dealing with:

1) The Knight Templars created the Illuminati. (p.116)
2) The world would be controlled with "planned collapses" with military
takeover revolving around martial law.
3) 1% of the U.S. population will be used against us. [cf. p.116 for details]
4) Old money fuels this endeavor, represented by families like the
Rockefellers~the Mellon family~Carnegie family~and Rothschilds. (p.117)
5) Illuminati children must take an oath of alligiance to leaders of the
coming New World Order.
6) The pecking order of power includes USSR & CHINA (even above U.S.)(p.117)
7) The United Nations is the STEPPING STONE to this New World Order. [This
fact comes up time and time again by the essayists who focus on the plan of
8) The New World Order (NWO) is not a Jewish conspiracy but rather involves
racists and occultists. (cf. p.118 for specifics on this complicated issue.)
According to Henry Makow (next essayist examined) their first allegiance is to
Lucifer and they use people in many religious groups to further their ends.
9) Assassination training starts as early as age two (p.120) and by 21, they
will be combat/killing machines with command codes that have been tested.

NOTE: Svali is a female registered nurse with a self-published book on
breaking free of cult programming. (cf. p.124)


The Illuminati = SATAN WORSHIP! (P.125) Furthermore, The Skull & Bones at Yale
University (started in 1832) is part of this problem! Dr. Makow identifies
yet ANOTHER VICTIM of the Illuminati NWO ~ the British-born Dr. Anthony
Sutton, who, as a Fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institute, found that the US was
"...supplying the [then] USSR with its technology, including weapons used
against American soldiers in Vietnam. Sutton dug deeper and discovered that
Wall St. had sponsored both the Bolshevick Revolution & the rise of Nazi
Germany." (p.126)

What happened to Dr. Sutton for these revelations? It cost him his career.
But before he died at age 77, he made some pretty interesting conclusion ~
among which are the following:

A) First, we have to dump the trap of right & left. This is the Hegelian trap

B) [College textbooks] are created & financed by Wall St. to create a New
World Order. But you won't read this in the history books. (p.126) [[Funny,
Norman Dodd had echoed these same sentiments before he died in an interview
with G. Edward Griffin; Dodd was in a position to know, having been appointed
as Chairman to investigate un-American activities (in the 1950s) among
non-profit foundations, such as the Carnegie Endowment.]]

NEXT UP: Military historian, JAMES BARTLEY

[[NOTE: James is one of the most informed people I know when it comes to all
aspects of the New World Order (or 'ODOR' as James would say) as well as being
very closely connected to the alien abduction phenomenon-first hand! Although
his treatise below is long, I am going to take the time to touch on many
significant aspects that James feels is important so as to better understand
the evil we are dealing with.]]

Since nothing happens by happenstance, Mr. Bartley calls wars "DESIGNER WARS"
and therefore the participants who fuel them, "DESIGNER FOES." These 'fuel
foes' hide behind foundations (as in FORD & ROCKEFELLER) as well as
endowments (as in CARNEGIE.) [[Hey! isn't this what Norman Dodd was speaking
to Mr. Griffin about?]] James gives an example from his treatise on p.131, to
show just how sordid these grants flowing from the above-mentioned
foundations/endowments can be...such as the one that fueled the evil work of
Dr. Duncan Ewen Caneron and his mind control experiments in Canada.

He cites banks (like BCCI)~ private investment houses (like Bush's CARLYLE
GROUP) ~ and people like Clark Clifford (corporate attorney and lawyer) as
being in the thick of this COMING ORDER (ODOR). So also other law firms (like
SULLIVAN & CROMWELL) who were led by the nefarious Dulles brothers (John &
Allen) [[like not-so-little peas in the same sordid pod!]]

Mr. Bartley fears that with all of these machinations going on, that American
troops will be TOO BUSY conducting 'military operations other than war'
(MOOTW) to do anything about a hostile takeover in America by United Nations'
troops when the "dreaded 'state of national emergency' is declared & America
is brought under martial law." (p.140)


James connects other dots...that include Halliburton (Cheney), the
Anti-Defamation League (ADL) as well as people like General Manuel Noreiga,
who was once the CIA's primary asset in Central America, and was also used and
discarded. The latter is an example of why the title of this treatise is

Other culprits of this odor (not taught properly in school,) is none other
than Benjamin Franklin for reasons explained in the treatise. (cf. pgs.147-148
for the bitter details of another erstwhile American hero.) And, of course,
the author goes on, at length, about the HISTORICAL TREASON of the treacherous

The Kissinger card has many deals working, but Mr. Bartley gives details of
two spies who identify [King] Henry as a traitor, one Michael Goleniewski, &
the other, Aleksander Dmitrevich Ogorodnik. (cf. pgs.151-161 for the ugly
details, remembering that James is a military historian, so his allegations
carry more weight than the average researcher.)


According to James, all of the allegations shared with the reader, were
obtained through 'OPEN SOURCES' and very credible sources, at that, so you can
find out yourself how to follow the whiff of the odor! [[GOOD WORK, JAMES! It
reminds me of my challenge to anyone about finding out about the fraudulent
odor of the IRS, and how you can prove they are misleading you about your own

There is a good deal more well-researched information in this
treasure-chest-treatise, so you owe it to yourself nothing less than to read
it from stem to stern. Find out what James Bartley found out about something
that he'd hoped he would never ever see...'JACK-BOOTED THUGS!'


There is something PECULIAR going on in this area - undoubtedly, especially
when you delve into the details of "THE UFO DISCLOSURE PROJECT" that starts on
page 177 and continues with Dr. Michael Salla's controversial examination of
the Nazi Germany alleged extraterrestrial connection. [[How far IS way out?]]
Well, you can be the judge as you peruse the above pages, but regardless of
your take on astronaut Edgar Mitchell or Admiral Byrd's "real" reason for his
Antarctic expedition, UFOs are real [[as stated by Benjamin Chidlaw of the AIR
DEFENSE COMMAND in the 1950s, since we take them very seriously considering we
have lost many men and planes to them! As a Ufologist myself, I will never
forget this quote as first showed me by Colman von Keviczky.]] In any event,
U.S. citizens have been and are being victimized by some combination of
humans, aliens from elsewhere, or more disturbing, a combination of both,

JUST LIKE WE STARTED THE FIRST EXAMINATION, (from the eyes of the victims of
mind control,) so as to better perceive the possible root of the NWO, let us
turn to some of the victims that are referred to as "THE ALIEN ABDUCTEE."


Lee recounts an interesting episode when (at age 13) she was pulled into a
huge craft that was bathe in a "strange blue hued light." Inside the craft
was a man who sat at a control panel with many tv screens in front of him. He
had dark brown curly hair and a little long for the times. [The year was
1963.] The tv screens were flat, not convex. The touch and heat of his
fingers made the sectored symbols light up. The symbols (from the eyes of a
13 year old,) looked like "ancient lettering." (p.295)

Also, on the ship were three 'Delicate People' also about five feet tall ~ as
was Lee. The taller of the three, who was more sturdily built (Theone) [THE
ONE?] seemed to show compassion and always welcomed Lee. As Lee put on a
white robe, she was given to believe there was work to be done.

When leaving, Lee saw the word "VENTURA" on the side of the craft. The only
connection Lee ever made with this word, as time went by, was that a man named
Nathan Price worked for Lookheed in Ventura, California. On Jan. 23, 1953,
Price filed for claim on a High Velocity, High Altitude (V.T.O.L.) Aircraft.
In 1963, his patent was filed. It's saucer shaped structure and secured off
portions were very similar to what Lee recalled.

In any event, Lee can't help feeling that she has been manipulated "for some
maniacal plan" by a group of people or groups unknown. Either way, something
is awry. (p.296)

Another victim or experiencer of the alien abduction phenomenon is Katharina
Wilson, who was interviewed by Sean Casteel. Casteel endorses the reading of
her self-published book, THE ALIEN JIGSAW, published in 1993.

Katharina disclosed during the interview, among other things, that a being was
teaching her about time and dimension ~ with other times and dimensions
existing. (p.297) She even saw herself through a clear emerald cut crystal
as a UFO organizer, i.e. she saw through a door to another dimension.

Wilson believes that a hybridization process is going on, and has herself
experienced alien surgical procedures (enumerated on p.300) She is
disheartened about aspects of humanity that have to cause so much pain &
suffering to all of the other forms of life. [[This concept will be addressed

Katharina also seems a bit cynical when she suggests that if the aliens
really did care about our environment, then they are about 50 years TOO LATE!
(pgs.300-301) In the next question from Casteel about our future, Wilson was
given a vision about 'Humanity' being "Receptacles" and that THEIR future
(Humanity's) & Katharina's would be very different...since...Wilson wasn't
part of THEM. (Humanity)

Katharina also told Sean that she did not see a connection between religion &
spirituality. She saw Religious people (be they Baptists, Lutheran or Morman)
as hypocrites ~ at least that was her experience as a "born again Christian."
[[Again, when we get to the 'Montalk' essay, I think we will see more clearly
what spiritual characteristics Katharina may have wished to see in her


Wilson doesn't know for sure, but on page 302, she offers four possible
alternatives about military involvement, but she hopes that they are not
involved. [[What we have seen of the ruthlessness of the NWO (using any man or
woman that they can control as mere pawns,) this hope may be wishful thinking,
indeed ~ and the aliens themselves may be just a FACADE for a LUCIFERIAN
dynamic. If you click onto one of my essay, 'BEHIND THE FACADE,' located on
THE LOVE BITE site, I think you may get a good idea of
how fiction mirrors real life and shows the possibly real spiritual dynamic
going on on this planet! By the end of the interview, I got the impression
that Katharina (in losing her alien-directed desire to GIVE-UP HER CHERISHED
GOAL OF BEING A MUSICIAN, for the sake of being a spokesperson and educator
for the "phenomenon," ) has not made her all that happy.]] (pgs.303-304)


[[This is a special lady to me, lebeau, because I had sifted through most of
her heart-felt poetry about the alien abduction phenomenon, and presently feel
that anyone who really wants to feel the anguish of contact ~~ betrayed,
should read Colleen's poetry first ~ and then you may appreciate what these poor
souls have gone through and continue to go through.]]


Colleen believes that something sinister is happening to the abduction
populace without regard to the abductees. The stakes may be survival, as in

Colleen then goes on to list the possible five or so reasons for abductions.
(p.320) Whatever it is, the author finds it hard to believe "they" could ever
have our best interests at heart. [[If you use the spiritual axiom that
INTERFERENCE is not the modus operandi of higher spiritual beings, it would be
hard NOT to agree with Colleen's assessment.]]

She cites, for example, one 30 years' experience researcher, as actually being
able to break through the so-called screen memories of some of her clients ~
with a truth: "that of a malevolent race of Reptilian creatures who want to
destroy our species but cannot for spiritual reasons, what would involve
bloodlines or specific DNA coding." [[Nicola Molloy addresses this interesting
aspect in her essay which will be examined subsequently.]]

Colleen also relates (from bitter experience,) about being very cautious with
channeling, especially if you are in a channeling group, since, whoever these
aliens are, they are very good at deceiving people ~ especially those with
LARGE EGOS! (pgs.304-305)

The section regarding JJ HURTAK on pages 326-327 is particularly revealing ~
as to the phenomenon of Reptilian hosting. Colleen finally gets fed-up when
her so-called "leader" was akin to being Christ-like, when, in fact, the
reality was just the opposite. (p.328) The author was being driven by FEAR to
stay in the group. [[This is another spiritual tip-off to run, not walk away
from these types of controlling we see in SCIENTOLOGY, for
instance!]] Anyway, Colleen found the courage to finally leave. [[GOOD FOR

The last lady I'd like to mention is also a SPECIAL LADY, one, Eve Lorgen,
who, like Colleen, is very familiar with Reptilians & Spiritual Warfare. [[I
had highlighted Eve in the SPIRITUAL LIBERATION section of my first essay on
Volume I of this present series; Eve posted it on her aforementioned site
under the title of 'MIND CONTROL vs. SPIRITUAL WARFARE,' where she was
featured with other essayists who also wrote for the present volume, i.e.
Teresa DeVeto, Branton, and Tony O'Clery. Actually, in this present Volume
III, Eve is responsible for two essays, the second of which was co-authored by
James Bartley, who had written that great treatise discussed earlier.

In her first essay on FLUORESCENCE (p.279) she cited something very
interesting, at lest to me: by the use of a hand held UV "backlight" in the
yellow-green region of the visible spectrum, it was noticed that one abductee
had a "fractal pattern." The aliens had said that it was a "special marking
denoting a type of rank in a hierarchy."

In the second essay on THE DISRUPTORS [PT II-starting on p.336] Eve discusses
what makes a muppet. Usually you see the term with the adjective
"manipulated" ~but basically, he or she is benign but dangerous who lacks
spiritual resiliency or awareness to deflect alien, MK, or Hive can't trust these types of people. If they are put in
positions of "leadership" (like UFO FACILITATORS, for instance) they will wind
up doing more harm than good. (p.339)

Eve identifies the HIVE MIND with a mild form of ANTI-CHRIST SPIRIT, but, as
Jesus indicated about the Devil ~ as a prowling lion seeking to devour its
prey [[mentioned again by St. Peter in one of his epistles,]] one must always
be on his/her guard. When they say something not acceptable, you must
them by saying, "WHAT?!?" (p.342)


To connect with the Creative Force IS the beginning of LIBERATION! (cf. text
for details) Religion can only lead you TO the door of realization &


ENTER 'Montalk' and his excellent essay: THE HYPER-DIMENSIONAL MANIPULATION OF
MANKIND, starting on page 265, where you may need to read the essay more than
once to glean its full import!

This essay segues nicely with the aforementioned advice of Eve Lorgen, and I
feel 'Montalk' gives a good overview on higher spirituality from his own
perspective (as a man not even thirty years old.)


1) Some see ordinary direct conspiracies like the corruption in WASHINGTON
D.C., the swindling medical industry and unjust legal system.
2) The DEEPER DELVERS see the secret societies for what they truly represent,
who sabotage both politics & religion.
3) Fringe researchers try to pierce the UFO phenomenon, alien and military
abductions & mind control projects.


According to this researcher, the pyramid's apex of control is OFF our planet
and, as he so aptly puts it, "beneath the ground, beyond space, outside linear
time." (p.266) And that's not all: These beings can even create artificial
coincidences ~ having access to the 4th dimension ~ and can slip behind this
curtain at will! Since tremendous energy is required, Reptilians have
specially engineered GRAYS. [[Again, if you read the novel, THE FACADE, these
ideas are spelled out by this Mesopotamian scholar, Michael Heiser, so Montalk
may not be exactly "too far out!"]]


The first, SERVICE-TO-SELF (STS) is where the NWO crowd is at, and some,
according to Montalk, highly evolved psychopaths! In coming to some of his
conclusions, he draws on varied sources: for instance, the movie, THE MATRIX ~
THE MAYA of Hinduism ~~ and THE DEMIURGE of Gnosticism to make his point!

[[This is the time to make an important distinction so the reader can weigh
the concerns of all of the essayists in this volume. There is a "dark and
dangerous side" to Gnosticism as both Jerry Smith (THE END OF THE WORLD) and
Bill Schnoebelen (JOSEPH SMITH AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM,) have pointed out in
their essays. Smith shows how some Jewish Gnostics (through the mystical
practice of Kabbalah,) led to secret society tributaries, including the
Rosicrucian & Knight TEMPLARS; the Freemasons practiced Kabbalism, and by the
mid 1700s, evolved a return to an overt Sun god mythology, including the star
Sirius, symbolizing Isis. (p.37) CONTINUING...

This same dark side was alluded to quite strongly by Bill Schnoebelen, who
equated Gnostics with all occultists, who believed that there was some secret
"knowledge" (((gnosis))) available only to a select few. (p.88) He also found
it hard to believe that there were three levels of destiny for men: i.e. HYLIC
(material ones) ~ PSYCHICS (soulish ones) ~ & PNEUMATICS (who had divine
spark of Logos within them.) CONTINUED...

Having personally investigated the subject of Gnosticism over the last
decade, I was shocked to see (when I did a computer search of Gnostic "saints"
~ that Valentinus was lumped on the same page with the likes of Aleister
Crowley (a Satan worshipper and worse) and Helena P. Blavatsky, (of whom one
of our present essayists, Neal Owen Kruse) had already unmasked in his essay at
the beginning of Volume II as being anti-Christic, and whose mission was to
pervert Christianity. CONTINUED...

HOWEVER, as I have attested to on one of my own websites, THE GNOSTIC
ELEPHANT, located at

under the web page, 'SHELLING GNOSTIC NUTS,' it gives an
entirely different picture of the saintly Valentinus IN STARK
COUNTERDISTINCTION to the likes of Crowley & Blavatsky! I also feel, having
examined all three essayists above, that they all have their hearts in the
right place, i.e. CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, but perhaps the reader may have to
apply the faculty of spiritual discernment to fully appreciate the rest of
Montalk's essay, as in POINT/COUNTERPOINT....Montalk will, in the next section
be discussing, SERVICE TO OTHERS (STO) and I would suggest that anyone who has
doubts about certain Gnostics, read a tractate called, 'THE ACTS OF PETER AND
THE TWELVE APOSTLES,' found within the Gnostic work, THE NAG HAMMADI LIBRARY.
In it, the Apostles are held to a higher sense of perfection in order to
successfully resist the Archons (who are the minions of the chief archon: THE


On page 268, Montalk fleshes out the above-mentioned SERVICE TO OTHERS. He
describes these types of people as those who have a positive spiritual
orientation that involves selflessly giving without being exploited, working
with Creation to facilitate, respect & preserve the free will of all.

The dynamics of how Montalk lines up this spiritual warfare, i.e. STS vs. STO
reflects the genius of this young author, in my humble opinion. Suffice it to
say that it is those "STOs" who cannot be easily recruited or fed upon LIKE
MUPPETS described by Eve Lorgen CAN BE. These STOs are the very same
mavericks "serving to indirectly destabilize the MATRIX control system." By
empowering peope with knowledge (there's that word again,) the souls with STO
orientation can help others regain their freewill.

Montalk beckons all of us to increase and apply our knowledge, thereby
unlocking our freewill. In this way, THE SLUMBERING GIANT may awaken. [[WELL


As I see it, many essayists in this collection are trying their best to awaken
this "slumbering giant" who are currently posing as ordinary human
beings. [WHAT LITTLE THEY KNOW!]] Their mission, which they will eventually
come up-to-speed with ~ will be to flush out the REAL BEASTS of this world,
and bear witness to their beastliness. Witness the following essayists:

1) 33RD DEGREE INITIATION (from Jim Shaw's book) where starting on page 75, it
gives the reader a good idea of just how anti-Christic the "Thirty-Third &
Last Degree of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish rite" REALLY IS. [[AN

2) NEAL OWEN KRUSE's excellent patriotic essay pointing out quite clearly how
the United Nations will be an agent that will act as the antithesis of the
true United States Republic, where our unalienable rights can only be assured
within that Republic. [[This essay starts on page 25, and should be read &
meditated on since the menace of Constitutional sabotage has already begun!]]

3) JERRY SMITH's interesting essay where he points out that the "funny red
hats of Shriners" have a sordid symbolic history, while he explores the roots
of the Demonic god of Masonry. This starts on page 33, ironically.

4) TONY O'CLERY, who explores the New World Order of front groups, like the
ORANGE ORDER OF IRELAND ~ and incidentally, the only secret society NOT banned
in the U.K. Government. [[HOW COME?]] Tony's essay starts on page 43.

5) SHERMAN SKOLNICK [[who is no stranger to conspiracy theory]] gives a lucid
explanation of what the BILDERBERGERS are all about [[and it ain't good!]]
where they actually select who will be the next president of the US. (p.52)
ALEX JONES, in his intriguing essay about cracking the secrets of BOHEMIAN
GROVE, (p.62) found out that this was the place where the presidential
candidates will be decided. [[AND YOU THOUGHT YOUR VOTE MEANT SOMETHING!?!]]

6) MARKUS ANGELICUS sets up our understanding of the evil Rothschild empire

7) RON PATTON (must read) gives a devastating condemnation of the LUCIFERIAN
NWO by unveiling the PLAN OF THE ILLUMINATI, starting on p.103. [[QUITE

8) REV. ROBERT HANZEL informs us as to what the hostile aliens don't want us
to know (p.238) ~ which becomes the key to spiritual warfare (a mystical form
of knowledge) where your knowledge becomes the aliens' weakness.

9) MORE ALIEN ABDUCTEES (EXPERIENCERS) who give their heartfelt & insightful
information about their own encounters ~ like SANDY NICHOLS & PAUL SCHROEDER,
who both have even more to share on their respective listed websites.

10) JOAN d'ARC who shows quite clearly that 'GRAYS' are more a form of
biological robot, [[perhaps in service to Reptilian beings from elsewhere?]]
Joan's essay is filled with many nuances and must be read carefully; [[I found
that her essay does open up a PANDORA'S BOX as to how astronauts could have
existed in space with all of those deadly cosmic rays bombarding both suit &
thin-skinned space ships...while Joan cited Phil Corso as noting that these
biological robots may have had skin strong enough to "protect the vital
organs from cosmic rays or wave action or gravitational forces." (p.259) It
should make one wonder why we have never had an astronaut suffer from any ill
effects of radiation poisoning, etc. ?!?....]]

11) NICOLA MOLLOY writes a most-timely essay since she mentions the
most-likely deceptions that surround 9/11 ~ among other conspiracies.
Starting on page 428, Nicky suggests that this "one world religion (a new age
religion) is one where the basic philosophy conforms to the beliefs of alien
entities with whom this covert world government has made allegiance...and she
notes, "Fifty (50) False News Stories by Bush Propaganda Machine..." These
lies include the storyline of Sept. 11, 2001, and what we were led to believe;
cf. pgs.429-430 for how this could be pulled off, due to the control of the
MAJOR MEDIA. Toward the end of the essay, there is an interesting citation
surrounding "the blood of King David" (like Baron Rothschild)...and this
figures into the not-so-obvious bedfellows within the NWO families. [[This
adds new meaning to the phrase, THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY APPEAR TO BE.]]

By now, you probably are getting paranoid as well as scared, so the general
editor is switching streams for a change of pace.



This is the "less heavy" section of this present volume, but I assure you that
some of these creatures would not be fun to meet up with (if real as

TIM SCHARTZ takes us on a tour-de-force of one of these creatures ~ THE JERSEY
DEVIL ~ and since I'm from New Jersey, naturally I was interested in what I
may encounter...down the road a piece! The varied stories are quite
unsettling, and if you turn to pages 394-398 you will see why. Other creatures
were featured, like the CHUPACABRA, but thank God it's not from New Jersey ~~
at least not yet!

SCOTT CORALES also chips in with his Latin American sightings of the strange
and unusual, starting on p.403. and the stories are just as unsettling. [[I,
byron lebeau, even chipped in this section with my examination of the LAKE
CHAMPLAIN MONSTER (CHAMPY) ~and I became convinced as I did this particular
research, that this bottom-walking lake animal does exist! Check it out,
starting on page 409.]]

Things start getting more serious again in the next section of THE UNIVERSAL
one of my own observations was cited by the editor-in-chief, herself,
Marguerite McCall, in the PREFACE to the above-mentioned section. On page 473,
I strongly had suggested that our present conventional reality is FALSE, and
it continues on its present course, our civilization is DOOMED! Hence, in my
opinion, the importance of this very volume - III! [[By the way, the most true
statement I read in the whole book was penned by this same Ms. McCall at the
end of the book on the "TO BID ADIEU" page. It revolved around the cosmic law:
THE LAW OF LOVE. When you pick up your copy, meditate on these simple eight
lines of wisdom, and perhaps, you will recall the words penned by Montalk, and
how SERVICE TO OTHERS will deny a place for evil (STS) in the world.]]

In this section, we again are faced with documentation of the "SERVICE TO
people who insist on killing other people who get in the way of their lustful
power centers....WITNESS...

THE MYSTERY OF THE DEAD SCIENTISTS by Ian Gurney (p.505) is a case in
point. The deaths of many microbiologists under strange circumstances is not
the first phenomenon of its kind. [[Remember the British scientists who
"committed suicides" in droves back in the 1980s? Is this becoming a NWO

ALEXANDRA BRUCE writes an intriguing essay that covers the 'soup to nuts' of
quantum mechanics that may stretch & bend even the most open-minded amongst
us. To say that her ideas challenge conventional reality and our perceptions
thereof ~ is an UNDERSTATEMENT! She actually answers the question of 'HOW FAR
is WAY OUT?' Her definition of DNA, for instance, (p.502) is worth
reflecting on...& so is the statement, "The human body has not as yet been
identified as the living 'holographic projection mechanism' that it is in
actuality." [[WOW!]]


By the time you read Andrew Hennessey's "WHY WE MUST DISMISS EINSTEIN" (p.569)
you will again have a more clear understanding of this very strange universe
that we all inhabit - perhaps! Fair thee well!


Since (as the sole occupant of the spiritual section) I ironically wrote a
non-scriptural argument for the possibility of and necessity for
reincarnation. This essay starts on page 581. [[GO FIGURE!]] It was left up to
me to get you to start thinking about this most controversial subject that
seems to defy intelligent discussion; however, if the information that has
been presented in this volume (on the main) is fairly accurate as to an
assessment of our predicament on this planet, as attested to by victim &
researcher alike ~ from all walks of life, each with their own built-in
God-realization mechanism, all I can say is this:

Thank You, heavenly Father, the Creative Force of all-encompassing LOVE, for
being ever so patient with your ignorant and slumbering children who seem
sometimes lost while pursuing their own STS desires and wants.

Thank You for sending Your messengers (a tapestry of angels in disguise,) to
help us overcome the darkened ignorant shadows of this weary world, as we try
to stay true to the principles of STO loving~caring & sharing.

This will be the answer to the evil fruit of the New World Order, and
hopefully will create a foundation for a New World of Spiritual Freedom for
the next age and ages built upon it.

Spiritual maturity takes time (like making a good cake) and reincarnation
allows the yeast to rise properly, all in good even the most
despicable amongst us ~ who have the tiniest spark of divine love within them,
will eventually WAKE UP and journey back to You, oh Father. They will
transform from STS to STO. And I am sure that the Creative Force of Divine
Love is rooting for ALL OF US TO DO JUST THAT!

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