An open letter to Leah Haley

Leah Haley Does a 360 Turnaround?

I refuse to publish any information about Leah Haley who has turned against the real deal abduction scenarios going on in MILLIONS of peoples lives. Leah....what the hell happened to you? You've obviously been brainwashed by the debunkers.

I say this because we were once friends. We talked for Hours. I knew something was up when you got mad because back in your former incarnation as an abductee...we'd talk for hours. This is so sad to me Leah.

 YOU are now in the space as a debunker, you will NEVER be trusted again by any abductee. And sadly you had great info...did they convince you that is was all Disneyland scenarios?

Was it Marc's death, or the need to get your kids back in your life?

I remember the day you screamed at me...thinking I stole some of your info...what researchers cannot come to the same conclusion anymore...God, woman, that's how we begin to place the mosaic of the abduction agenda together.

I am sad, this is really a large sadness as a whole for the abduction community. I refuse to promote ANY of your books THAT YOU STILL SELL. So Which way is it Leah - are you going to take down your books...or are you going to be a double dealer??? Sickening to me.

Remember you asked me a question once and said to think about it. The question was, "would you (meaning myself) stay in the field of abduction research if all was taken from you?" Well LEAH remember my answer???? " I said "YES" I am still at it and much has happened. I will stay at it too. The truth has to be known...and if you think it's some psycho-babble bull crap, you tell that to many a family who've had generational abductions...for decades.

I will still say "YES"...

Your very much ex Friend, Colleen Johnston


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