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The "truth" was known by only a very few persons... Of the original group that were the first to learn, several committed suicide - the most prominent of which was Defense Secretary James V. Forrestal who jumped to his death from a 16th story hospital window. Secretary Forrestal's records are sealed to this day. President Truman quickly put a lid on the secret and turned the screws so tight that the general public still thinks that flying saucers are a joke.

- James V. Forrestal Secretary of Defense 1892-1949.

I am not a good artist unless it's computer generated and then it's iffy at best. Below are some of the creatures I remember seeing during some of my abductions (Colleen) These are malevolent beings. All drawing are 1995 - 2003 to use on your website email colleen@maar.us to get permission.

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This device at the temples over the woman was seen repeatedly during abductions in 1993 - 94. The drawing turned out to be of a woman known to me but  had never met until 1998!

During  the same time period with the same group of aliens remember being yanked down a hallway (either aboard a ship or in an underground facility) by two beings dragging me by the arms. I could look side to side and in front and saw this hallway in which hieroglyphic like symbols were etched into the walls on  a narrow strip. The part  of the hallway  I remember seeing was was S-curved.




This is a very tall (estimated at over seven feet) reptilian who relates to the hallway above. but not sure if it's the same entities that initially abducted me. I do remember and insignia that was in the shape of an upside down triangle, all over the place.



This symbol was seen all over the ship (or underground base) in association with the tall reptilians including walls and on some of the smooth metal flooring.




Voodoo men from reoccuring dream.

This was drawn by my then  7year old who witnessed my abductions. Her description was that they floated through the walls and made me float horizontally with one shorter and one taller at each end. She'd watch them float me through walls. To date, she has no recollection of this.

A reptoid demon like creature that appeared with several others frequently in 1978 

Alien or demonic? Entities seen throughout 1970, seemingly demonic in nature, but possibly alien

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