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In photos below, facial images have been manipulated to hide the identity of the people involved.

LEFT - Image is that of two relatives in 1973. The image appears to have a fiery edge on the bottom and other red glowing areas appeared. This house was the sight of a horrific haunting in which my family was involved with for several years. It was the only photo taken in the same pack that such an anomaly appeared. The camera was a Polaroid Instamatic (I think it was a One Step camera )- taken roughly in  June 1973.

At the time the home we lived in was physically haunted. It was nearly six-years of HELL, living in that house. Anomalies would show up in the house or on photos constantly, including the death of a boyfriend a few years later burning in a fiery crash and then another who took  his own life by intentional overdose of illegal medications.

LEFT - Image taken in a Macon GA. cemetery. The man in the picture is standing on top of an old mausoleum. The negative also contains the red wispy anomaly  which looks like it is headed straight for him!

The red image appears to be nose-diving at the man atop the mausoleum. it was very unlike the man pictured above, or the woman he dated to do drugs. They started to party, do hard-core drugs and drink. It cost him is own band in the and their relationship in the early 1990's.

LEFT- Photo of a pool party. The early afternoon  photo was taken on a cloudy day There was nothing to reflect the light which appeared. Notice the small murky colored orbs directly over the woman in red, seated. The woman had a pool party for all her cult members.

Same day the 4th of July. a large non-visible helicopter came literally banging over head ( sounded like a formation of several, Regardless it was very loud. and deafening to the point one had to place their hands over their ears  to block out the pain.

RIGHT - Picture of a Lenticular cloud taken near Pensacola, FL out over the Gulf Breeze Sound during April of 1984. I thought it was just an interesting cloud, a few years before I was interested in UFO's.
 LEFT- This image was taken directly off the Teraserver website dated 1991. Is it a UFO or is it an old 'Blackbird' - a high altitude US Air Force craft, used as a spy plane just before the production and usage of the Stealth Bomber? The area this was supposedly shot was over the upper eastern coast just above NY State.

I personally took this off Teraserver website and placed all the images together like a puzzle. The direct left was the result. Whether it is one of ours like a blackbird starting at the front left- or a UFO with an energy wake at it's tale end. remains to be seen. When questioned by people to the US government no clear cut answer has been given, that I know of. if one been given please point me to the website that states the case.

RIGHT- Strange anomaly photographed 11-04 the inserts show a closer up view of two anomalies - one appearing to be a helicopter ( no noise, coming from the helicopter witnessed by two people) and the strange line of odd bubble looking things that appeared across the tree tops on the other side of the French Broad River Near Asheville, NC. The helicopter was very dark, (looked black in color) but was at a fair distance away, just far enough to tell black from dark green.

The bubble anomaly - orbs were just as large as they appeared in the original picture. Upon close-up inspection the orbs were quivering inside the insert (bottom right), almost sparkling. We had no idea what to make of this group type of orbs. Color was not changed in anyway. The U with the dot shows the helicopter.

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