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Anomalous Photos: Page Two

In all photos below, facial images have been manipulated ONLY to hide the identity of the people involved.

Orbs in picture while visiting friends in a band at a pub. photo was supposed to be of sound man in center. The bright light in the upper left hand corner was not in the pub . It's thought that  lost spirits will haunt places such and pubs and nightclubs they have frequented. It is possible this is what was happening here?
Another photo taken on the same roll, in the same pub of band with same lighting, to see as a comparison. 

Taken during a mall visit. Interestingly, the  mall was built near a Civil war battle site as well as an old Indian settlement North of the Arkansas river. In a  near-by pizza  business across the highway from the mall, people claim to have heard laughter of  small children and seen shadowy movements.  No record exists of burials at the Mall site--it is thought that graves were moved (if at all) without public knowledge. The entire area was known as Indian Hills.
Another image taken at same location on same day, a mist image is in front of the child. 

Same image as above enhanced to show extent of foggy mist.


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