Active Volcanoes in the Continental United States


Name  Location 

Elevation above Sea Level  Continuous 48 states

Last Activity 

Current Activity  Type Of Volcano 
Bandera Field Bandera Crater McCarty Flow



New Mexico

150 feet  and 


3, 000 years to After 700 A.D.



Cinder Cone 

Basalt Flows

San Francisco Field  San Francisco Mountain Arizona


Between about 1 and 0.4 million years ago   Dormant Cinder Cone  Strata
Clear Lake  


Crater Lake          
Craters of the Moon          
Glacier Peak  Washington


Long Valley Caldera California

11,122 feet

 Catastrophic Eruption About 730,000 years ago - 500 - 600 years ago Thousands of small quakes with 5 daily tremors Depression Caldera
Lassen Peak California   May  1912  - 1917 with 12 months of 150 explosions Active Cinder Cone
Medicine Lake          
Mount Adams          
Mount Baker Washington

10,778 Feet

Three eruptions in 1870


Heat emission increased markedly in crater area in 1975. Considered active Cinder Cone Strata
Mount Hood     about 1,800 and 200 years ago

Considered Active

Mount Jefferson      

Considered Active

Mount Rainier Washington

14, 400 feet

about 600 years ago

Considered Active

Mount St Helens Washington  


Considered Active

Mount Shasta California   Last three eruptions 750 years

Considered Active

Newberry Crater          
Yellowstone ALERT!