About Shar's Sessions
Shar is a master Tarot reader with many years of experience. her adept knowledge and compassionate understanding can help to show you a clearer direction to take.

Just don't know which applicant will best fill the job you are offering? Have you been trying to make things happen and you just can't seem to make it work? Stumped as to what you should do next? Just can't hear what your higher self is trying to tell you? 

 Shar: "I have been intuitive for my entire life and over 35 years ago I acquired my first tarot deck. I have been helping friends and clients find their way through the mine fields of life ever since. I feel my talent is a gift to be used to help others and that is why I have chosen this forum to access my talents for you!"

Let her help you...to help yourself!

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 half hour session is: $35.00

       One Hour Session: $65.00 

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