About Shar

Born in a military family Shar traveled around  where ever her family was stationed. She became good at adapting to any situation making friends along the way. Shar is a natural  psychic empath and an adept Tarot Master. She's been reading cards for over 30 years and been utilizing her  God gifted psychic ability professionally for nearly a decade.

Shar sessions are sensible and she does the best to help give her client's the best possible reading and helping them to find definitive answers to troubling situations that might arise.

Being empathic, Shar prefers living away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. She lives tucked away quietly  with her animals and surrounded by nature in the Pacific Northwest. Critters: there are 4 cats and one dog. 3 siblings cats named after characters from "Warrior's Apprentice" by
Lois McMaster Bujold. Ivan: longhair black and white
Miles: shorthair grey and white Bel: the tiny sister and the smartest of the group! One black shorthair cat named Talisman rescued as a 10 day old kitten from a field. Honey is a short hair blonde dog who has a blue and pink tongue and was also rescued from an abusive home.

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